Saturday, 25 June 2016

One last bbq

Of the Referendum I can only say the way it went was more than disappointing. Along with so many friends, some of whom have written from the US and other places to ask, perfectly reasonably… what on earth have you guys done?  Good question.  This story will run and run.
On the eve of our return to cool London I am sweating in 35 deg. heat.  Summers here are as extreme as the winters and I shall just have to get used to it.

We have been here 6 days, plus travelling, and as usual Stefan has been a Goliath and achieved masses.  Guest house is moving right along; he has tiled most of the floor which suddenly transforms the whole place, as well as cooling it down in this horrendous heat. He only did not complete because the store ran out of supply. A mammoth trip to Ikea sorted more furniture, including a kitchen for next door. We bought a mattress for one of the pair of old fashioned beds Stefan found at our local London market, and he assembled it to accommodate the extra 3cm it required. 
Front garden with hollyhocks
My job was to sort the dozens of moving boxes, dig out anything necessary (precious little) and rationalize somehow. Happily, though the house is not big, we have SHEDS, which help relieve pressure.
From inside kitchen
My big question is this: what do people do with their unwanted stuff? S has not been able to enlighten me. Where are the charity shops?  They have to be somewhere. Once I have answered this question, I will be their biggest contributor. I can’t wait to unload some of the zillion shirts, and the rest.

I have prepared Henry’s room and I think I have thought of everything he might need.  I keep imagining him here sitting in the sun with a beer and with people dropping by (which they do constantly,) and having a thoroughly nice time. I am just keeping my fingers crossed it will all go according to plan. Watch this space.
Henry and Stefan in London

The idea of people dropping by is totally horrifying to some of my English friends. I see their point. And honestly I am not frantically keen, as I do like my own space and time. But, I also see it as a huge compliment that they want to see us and hang around. And after all, I do take off when I want to, and retreat to my room!  In addition, the support that this community gives each other is something quite new to me. Things get done, materials procured, people turn up. You are NOT on your own.  I have chosen that life rather than stay alone in London, and I am convinced it is an excellent choice.  And I am so grateful that Henry is up for coming too.  Imagine if he had said, no way….?
Supper ready

First pea crop

So, one last barbq tonight, then later tomorrow off on first leg to Poznan. Back by Tuesday. With 2 weeks in London to have family/friends visits, bureaucratic stuff to do, throwing out a LOT, finishing the house and readying for the 5 tenants.
Then I scoop up Henry and off we go on an airplane while Stefan will come by car, along with the cat.
Terribly, terribly exciting.  No more rushing to get stuff done before we have to leave. We will be here all the year round…..Yeah! 

If you have been, please keep on reading and see how it all goes.

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  1. Your community life in Poland sounds like it may prolong life as it is so difficult to be a lone human, or even, a lone, Canadian family. X